Video content has taken the world by storm over the last few years. More and more companies have been turning to video production to educate their customers and promote their brands.

Now, it is no longer about just selling products with high-definition videos. At EssentSoft, a prime video production company in Canberra that also doubles up as a top video marketing agency, we believe that video wields the power to narrate compelling stories, inspire and successfully deliver a sureshot call-to-action.

Why Choose our Professional Video Production Consultants?

Our video production and marketing funnel is well organised, planned and implemented to the highest level of perfection. We are known for:

  • High Caliber Videos and Animations
  • Fair and Transparent Pricing
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • One-stop solution
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Vast Network of Artists

We are a talented animation video company in Canberra that handcrafts full animation videos with intuitive visuals that evoke intrigue and make them even better with precise hand timing.

Premium Video Production Services in Australia

Video production is the next wave of content strategy that fits into the bigger picture of futuristic digital marketing. Our elite video production team covers all the stages of making a movie: we have scriptwriters, screenwriters, voiceover artists, video animators, cinematographers, music composers, senior technical editors, visual effects producers, sound engineers and software engineers who come together to get an idea up and made into an explainer video or a corporate film.

2D, 3D Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are an engaging way of simply telling an audience what a product or company does. Since videos communicate more effectively and at a more personal level than written, image or audio content, they can break down a complex product feature or business idea to potential customers, investors, or users.

Animated Explainer Videos have greater Engagement Levels

Higher user engagement with videos, especially with the advent of social sharing, has resulted in better ROI, improved number of prospects and clients for early bird companies that tested the waters of explainer videos much ahead of the competition.

Over time, explainer videos have emerged as the number one source of information that companies prefer to have on their websites for marketing and demoing products, advertising offerings and deals, and explaining intricate processes.

Our Animated Explainer Video Production Services in Canberra

We have years of industry experience creating and promoting 2D animated characters for companies that want to stand apart from the rest. The 2D and 3D animations are created by skilled animators with stunning portfolios – their knack for storytelling reflects in the project quality. The option of video-based marketing is lucrative – effective video production enables companies to boost growth, strengthen marketing efforts and earn greater brand awareness.

Want to tell a story?

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Whiteboard animation videos

Whiteboard animations are black and white sketches that make an attractive storyline come to life. Our team understands the brand and analyses the story to come up with the graphics, style of drawing and additional branding colours. Your business can also take advantage of this growing trend that looks minimal and has already enjoyed tremendous success in certain markets.

Why Choose Our Whiteboard Animation Video Services?

Our creative team has some of the finest video makers and animators in Canberra, making us a force to reckon with in the video production landscape of Australia. Whether you are using whiteboard animation to educate your customers, or demo a product, or unveil a new brand, you have a great choice to tell memorable stories with whiteboard animation videos.

We are the best corporate video production company in Australia

We make the impossible possible and apply our versatile drawing styles and designs across a range of industries and use cases such as demonstrations, policies, company stories, advertising and more. We have the energy and muscle to engage with your team, ideate and bring amazing storylines to the whiteboard.

Company story videos

A company story video tells your potential customers about your company, your growth journey, inception, vision and mission. It is an ideal opportunity to humanize your brand and connect with customers by becoming one of them.

We are a full-fledged animation video company and video marketing agency in Canberra, offering solutions for both testimonial videos from team members, company executive board, founder-director roles as well as customer testimonials that feature some faces associated with you. When introducing the ‘About Us’ section of a website, it is a great idea to have a video from the leaders and featuring some of the team, if possible. Well-written scripts complemented with the highest quality visuals, whether animation or live action videos, have a definite impact on the customer’s purchasing decision.

Internal communication videos

We also do the internal communication videos connecting top leadership with employees at all levels. Not only are they crafted with a touch of the company’s vision for growth and core values, but also resonating the collective goals and objectives of the team. We take care to keep the style of communication conversational and approachable, and passionate, authentic voices of multiple personalities.


By presenting the heads of high-flying startups, mid-sized enterprises and large companies as individuals with dreams and goals similar to the very employees who believe in them, we bridge the gap between levels in .

We are an Australian Video Production Company with an Edge

Our video consultants focus on squeezing out every bit of value for the money you spend on our services. We spend the most of our time getting to know your team, environment, work culture, personal stories and brand recognition among consumers. We push our limits and stretch our imagination to build innovative plots and differentiate your brand in an extraordinary manner.


Whether we’re animating the video, using motion graphics, or just well-chosen typography with classy music thrown in, or shooting a live action video, we involve the best video crew and integrate the entire flow from a plot idea to its clean execution.


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Our Video Production Process

  • Scour video storylines and plot ideas/concepts
  • Forming a loose script based on the need
  • Dividing the words into screens
  • Upon solidification of the screenplay, we start production activities such as animation, enactment, props, and voice-over
  • We cover the cinematography and direction
  • Complete solutions for background music and special sound effects
  • This is followed by editing and any additional visual effects and rendering across all platforms.